Selling By Design-Staging - Staging Homes To Sell Quickly and For More $

This fabulous home sold for full asking price within a week of listing.
Thinking of selling your home or investment property?

Facts to consider:
  • Most prospective home buyers make up their minds about a property with in the first eight seconds after entering it.

  •  A  good first impression is critical. It is the difference between "Oh Wow!" and "Get me out of here!"

  • A home that is professionally staged will definitely upstage its competition.


  ( above photo courtesy of MK Photography ) 
Home Staging will:
  • usually cause a home to sell on average 67% more quickly than an un-staged house.
  • give life to a vacant home enabling buyers to see themselves living there.
  • cost less than the first price reduction.
  • cost between 0.5% and 3% of the sales price of a home.

This home,staged by Selling By Design Staging sold for full asking price the first day it hit the market!